Why Red Tea is Better Than Green Tea!

Do you want to find an easy way to get healthier and lose weight while all around you are getting sick and succumbing to coughs, colds and the ‘flu?

I decided to start my new year detox a month early this year! I wanted to try an experiment to see what difference it made.

This was to be no herculean task of deprivation though. I wanted to make simple lifestyle changes that would make a BIG difference. And I still wanted to enjoy the good things in life and ‘treats’ now and then.

So since the beginning of December I have made TWO small but very profound changes to my lifestyle.

The first was to undertake a cold shower every day. I’m going to say more about that in my next blog.

The second was to switch my usual Green or Black tea for this amazing Red Tea recipe.

Click here to find out more and get started today! RED TEA DETOX. Read on to find out what happened to me!

The Red Tea Detox

Since December I quickly began to notice some really profound differences in my well-being.

I’ve been sleeping well; deeply and without interruptions. I’ve lost weight – as an endurance athlete I was already fairly lean but I lost a further 5 pounds in very quick time and I feel leaner, stronger and have been training well.

Finally my immune system has been boosted enormously. Boy has it been put to the test too as almost everyone around me – my friends, family and work colleagues have been laid up sniffiling and sneezing as they’ve gone down with coughs and colds, influenza and even in one case pneumonia.

Meanwhile I’ve not had the merest sniff or cough. In fact I’ve felt healthier than ever!

I don’t take any supplements nor did I have the ‘flu inoculation. I have been training hard across my sports of swimming, cycling and running up to 20 hours a week and I’ve been out in all weathers. I can only put this massive boost in health and well-being down to the combination of the two changes in my lifestyle.

You may wonder what is so special about Red Tea in general and this particular recipe specifically.

Well check out this fascinating article by health guru, weight loss expert and Red tea enthusiast Liz Swann-Miller

Green tea has long been acknowledged for its health and wellness benefits, including weight loss assistance. The evidence is irrefutable. But are we overlooking something better?

It is true that green tea contains powerful antioxidants. These components contribute to minimizing health risks such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

As a Weight Loss Expert, it has been my primary goal to share practical tips and tricks for those pursuing optimal health. In upholding my obligation to transparency, I am about to reveal how green tea, although beneficial, is gradually losing value in the light of its delicious rival – rooibos.

Rooibos, also known as red tea, is equally high in antioxidants, but is sourced from different substances to that of green tea. The antioxidants contained in rooibos – aspalathin and nothofagin – are comparatively rare, and help to regulate blood sugar, reduce excessive fat production, lessen stress, and inhibit metabolic disorders.

After the results of recent studies, alongside my own findings related to the major players in sustainable weight loss, I consider red tea an essential. In addition to preventing heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more, it is an accessible and effective answer to weight gain.

This year I began the production of my Red Tea Detox. A primary goal was to harness the incredible benefits of rooibos whilst combining the ingredient with a number of other, equally valuable elements.

Rooibos means red bush. The plant is readily available, with leaves that turn red upon fermentation. With so much potential to assist with our health and wellness journey, I considered it wrong to ignore the strength of the plant.

Unlike green tea, red tea does not contain caffeine, and therefore drinking the blend at night won’t leave you restless.

Another factor of its ultimate superiority is simply – taste. The bitterness of green tea is often attributed to its high tannin content, which is less prevalent in red tea.

Many health products do not aim to bridge the gap between adults and young children, but the pursuit of health is of equal importance for both demographics. Which is why I’ve designed a recipe that caters to all ages and tastes, with the inclusion of a sweetened version of the recipe.

This particular Red Tea Detox program is fresh and matchless, already actively transforming lives since its launch.

The Red Tea Detox

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